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Muskadent Tongue&Gum Care Gel

Disinfectant gel to clean the tongue and gums

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Muskadent Tongue&Gums Care Gel

Muskanadent Tongue&Gums Care Gel (and tongue cleaner) dismantles bacteria between the irregularities of the tongue. These microorganisms are the cause of bad breath in 90% of the cases.

The active ingredients of Muskanadent tongue&gums care gel are essential oils and leaf extracts. Both ingredients are proven to fight bacteria and neutralize the smelly odor.

How can the tongue cause bad breath?

In 9/10 situations, a smelly breath arises from the tongue. If you look closely, the tongue consists of many small hairs between which food remains. The body wants to get rid of this waste as quickly as possible and therefore it sends there bacteria. Volatile sulfur gases, or the characteristic odor of bad breath, are released during this digestion process.

At the same time, these sulfur gases are harmful to dental tissue and epithelium.

By cleaning the tongue with Muskanadent tongue&gums care gel, the smelly decomposition process is broken and the breath quality and overall oral health are significantly improved.


What does Muskadent Tongue&Gums Care Gel consist of?

Water, vegetable, glycerin sage, leaf extract, clove oil, rapeseed oil, leaf extract, peppermint oil, sclerotium gum, xanthan gum, citric acid, alcohol, limonene, eugenol preserved with sodium, benzoate potassium, sorbate. Controlled organic farming / ** component of natural essential oils.

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Muskadent Tongue&Gum Care Gel