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Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush (+10 y.o.)

Toothbrush with soft bristles and extra brush head

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    Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush hard-to-reach areas behind teeth tartar

    1*Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush (+10 y.o.)

Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush

Sometimes it can be difficult to clean all areas of the mouth equally well. Fortunately, the Lactona iQ+Soft Toothbrush makes this a lot easier.

The Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush gently cleans the entire range of teeth. With the large brush head you can easily clean the visible areas. The small brush head is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as debris that accumulates behind molars.

Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush

  1. Place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the Lactona iQ+ Toothbrush;
  2. Brush the upper, front and back teeth for 3 minutes, using the large brush head to clean the easy areas and the small brush head to clean the hard-to-reach areas (like behind teeth);
  3. Spit out the residue;
  4. For best results, we recommend rinsing teeth with OraVall Mouthwash. If you want to be sure that all tartar, plaque and food residues are removed, we recommend using Mara Expert Plaque Checkers.

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Lactona iQ+ Soft Toothbrush (+10 y.o.)